The  [online application]  for sailors seeking an invitation to Team USA for 2023 Worlds and/or 2023 Jr. Europeans is now open.



  1. Complete the  application to request an invitation by March 5
  2. Invitations will be offered based on qualification points by March 20


Applications can be submitted AT ANY TIME (sooner is helpful to the class), but the deadline for final submission, or to make any changes to a submission, is Sunday, March 5, 2022 at 11:59pm EST.

Applications can be edited/changed/updated/deleted by the sailor at any time until March 5.

Applications submitted prior to I420 Midwinters in February WILL automatically have points earned at that regatta included for qualification.

Invitations to join Team USA will be extended to those sailors who qualify, via email, starting no later than Monday, March 20, along with instructions and deadlines for how to accept the invitation using our online system.


Applications MUST include skipper AND crew to be valid (one application per boat/team).





  • Worlds (Izmir, Turkey): Tentative Team USA arrival for training July 15/16, regatta dates July 21-29. Notice of Race has not been published yet.

  • Jr. Europeans (Gdynia, Poland): Tentative Team USA arrival for training expected to be June 24/25, confirmed regatta dates July 3-10  (Notice of Race)



For Worlds

  • Championship Division: Max of 20 Team USA boats (10 men’s/mixed, 10 women’s)
  • U17 Division: Max of 8 Team USA boats (4 men’s/mixed, 4 women’s)
  • U 15 Division: Max of 2 Team USA boats (10 men’s/mixed, 1 women’s)

Any unfilled spots will be allocated irrespective of gender, based on age eligibility and qualification points.

Total team size: 30 boats

Worlds Age edibility:

  • Championship Division: No age limit
  • U17 Division: 17th birthday on or before December 31, 2023 (i.e., born on or after 1/1/2007).
  • U15 Division: 15th birthday on or before December 31, 2023 (i.e., born on or after 1/1/2009).


For Jr. Europeans

  • U19 Division: Max of 12 Team USA boats
  • U17 Division: Max of 5 Team USA boats
  • U15 Division: Max of 2 Team USA boats

Total team size: 19 boats

Note: There is no separate Women's division. Men's boats, Women's boats and Mixed boats all sail together.

Jr. Europeans age eligibility:

Skipper and crew shall not have attained his/her:

  • U19 Division: 19th birthday on or before December 31, 2023 (i.e., born on or after 1/1/2005).
  • U17 Division: 17th birthday on or before December 31, 2023 (i.e., born on or after 1/1/2007).U15 Division: 15th birthday on or before December 31, 2023 (i.e., born on or after 1/1/2009).


An initial deposit of $1,000 (per boat, not per sailor) will be required to secure a spot for each regatta when you accept your invitation (not with the submission of this application).

Estimated Team USA fee for each regatta will be confirmed in the invitation. For reference, the Team USA fee for 2022 Worlds was ~$6,000/boat (based on 17 boats, 4 coaches, 16 days), and for Jr. Euros was ~$5,000/boat (based on 6 boats, 1 coach, 14 days).

The Team USA fee includes coaching: 6 days of racing, 4 days of measurement (for Worlds), and 5-7 days of pre-regatta training at the venue (a total of approx. 15-17 days). The Team USA fee covers the cost for coaches and their travel, room and board, coach boat, and Team USA uniform (Team shirt, pinnie), and regatta registration.

Sailors are responsible for their own costs for their 420 boat charter (US class will facilitate arrangements with charter provider), transportation, food and lodging for themselves and their parent/chaperone(s). Additional/optional Team USA uniform/gear will also be available for purchase.

Worlds and Jr. Euros are not open regattas - USA sailors are required to qualify via the US I420 Class Association, which then registers all sailors as a team. The US I420 Class manages this process and the Team, including coaching. Private coaching is not permitted.